Java Leap year

The given program is to check if the given year is a leap year or not. A typical year is of 365 days. A year with 366 days is known as a leap year. After at regular intervals, there is a leap or jump year.

Leap year conditions:

(Remainder (Year/ 4) = 0 “AND” Remainder (Year/ 100) != 0 ) “OR” Remainder (Year/ 400) = 0.

Example: 2012, 2026, 2020, etc.

Program to Determine If Year Is Leap Year Java.

 * Program to Determine If Year Is Leap Year Java Example.
 * @author W3schools360
public class LeapYearExample {	
 static void leapArea(int year){
  //Check Leap year condition.
	 System.out.println(year + ": Leap year.");
	 System.out.println(year + ": Not a leap year.");
 public static void main(String args[]){ 
  //method call 


2016: Leap year.


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