C Pointer to Pointer

C pointers can be defined as a variable, pointing towards the address of a value. When a pointer refers to the address of another pointer, it is called as Pointer to Pointer in C.


Data_type **variable_Name;


void main()
int n = 60784; 	 
int *a;
int **b;    
a = &n;    
b = &a;    
printf("n = %d \n",n); 	 
printf("a = %x \n",a);
printf("b = %x \n",b);
printf("&n = %x \n",a);
printf("&a = %x \n",b);


n = 60784
a = fef63734
b = fef63738
&n = fef63734
&a = fef63738
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