C program to print sum of digits

The below program gives the sum of all the digits in a variable using loop. The C printf statement is used to output the text and sum value to the screen.


Till the given Number is greater than 0.

Remainder = Modulus of Number with 10 Total Sum = Adding Remainder into the Total Sum Number = Dividing Number by 10

C program to print sum of digits

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
int x,y;
int sum = 0;
printf("Enter a number to add digits:");    
int num = x;
y = x % 10;    
sum = sum + y;    
x = x / 10;    
printf("Sum of digits of %d = %d", num,sum);    


Enter a number to add digits:123456
Sum of digits of 123456 = 21
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