C Pointers

C pointers can be defined as a variable, pointing towards the address of a value.


Data_type *variable_Name;

Advantages of using Pointers in C:

  • Improves the performance.
  • Frequently used in arrays, structures, graphs and trees.
  • Less number of lines needed in a code.
  • Useful in accessing any memory location.
  • Used in Dynamic Memory Allocation.

NULL Pointer:

NULL pointers either have no value or NULL value assigned to it.


int sum(int *a, int *b)
int *c;
*c = *a + *b;
return *c;
void main()
int x = 100;
int y = 200;
int add;
add = sum(&x,&y);
printf ("%d + %d = %d", x,y,add);


100 + 200 = 300
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