Features of C

Features of C:

C is the most basic programming language and is among the first High level language which is user interactive as well as machine understandable in nature. Some other features of C are discussed below.

Extensible C is extensible in the sense that it can easily accept and and can easily adapt new features.
Fast SpeedFast speed of C results in quick compilation and execution of C programs within few seconds.
Machine Independent or PortablePortability of C makes it machine independent and thus can be easily executed in many machines, unlike the low level programming languages which are still machine dependent.
Mid-level programming languageC is a high level language as it can be easily developed by a user. However, C can also be used as a low level programming language to develop some system applications such as kernel, driver etc. Thus, it can be better called as a mid-level language, instead of a high level language.
Memory ManagementDynamic memory allocation is a unique feature in C language, that helps to manage the memory easily. For example, we can quickly and easily free the allocated memory at any time by calling the free() function.
PointersPointers in C helps to directly interact with the memory and can be easily used with memory, structures, functions, array etc.
Rich LibraryThe rich library of C contains various files that includes a collection of inbuilt functions, keywords, and processes to have a fast development and execution.
RecursionRecursion means to call a function within that function only. C is the first language to have this unique feature which ultimately improves the code reusability.
Simple to LearnThe structured architecture of C, its rich set of library functions, collections of different data types and its others unique features makes it a user interactive and simple to learn and easy to understand programming language.
Structured programming languageA structured programming language is the one which can be broken into smaller parts. C supports this feature using multiple functions and is thus called as a Structured Programming Language.


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