How to install C

How to install C:

For executing a C file in a system, C compiler is a must. Various C compilers are available for downloading. Turbo C++ is among some common C compilers.

Steps to install Turbo C++:

  1. Download Turbo C++ compiler.
  2. Create a directory inside the C drive.
  3. Extract the zip file inside Turbo C folder.
  4. Double click on install.exe file in order to start installing the compiler.
  5. Click on the INSTALL icon located inside the inside Turbo C folder.
  6. Click on ENTER to allow installing.
  7. Enter the drive as C and press ENTER for the INSTALL utility to copy files.
  8. Select Start Installation to begin copying files to the hard drive of the system.
  9. The compiler is successfully installed. Close the window.
  10.  Start the software again by clicking on the icon and write C programs.


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