14 Magic Words To Cast Spells And More


Hocus pocus, abracadabra, alakazam! These are the phrases we invoke when magic is at work—even if it could just be a card trick at dwelling. Though a handful of of these terms and phrases have wholly crossed around into entertainment magic or originated there from the begin (e.g., presto alter-o), some of these words are rooted in older instructions that called on larger powers to influence the content entire world.

Whether or not known as hexes, hymns, prayers, or merely spells, the phrases we invoke to converse with a better electric power to do the job our will all have to have an intangible power that can be universally explained as magic. Choose a glance and decide for by yourself if magic is true or if it’s just a bunch of hocus-pocus.

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If you’re a genuine “wiz” at card tricks or have a deeper fascination with charms and spells, you might previously know the terms on this checklist. When you’re prepared, you can show your information of magic words by using this small quiz!


Probably just one of the oldest and most identified magical phrases, abracadabra has been all over because the next century BCE and has famously appeared in the Harry Potter series. Its origins are contested as scholars posit that abracadabra emerged from Late Latin or Late Greek, reflecting the recitation of the original letters of the alphabet (abecedary) some others hypothesize that it could linked to the Hebrew Ha brakha dabra, which interprets as, “The blessing has spoken.” We do understand it as a phrase normally intended to invoke magical energy. Abracadabra is labeled as a reductive spell, which suggests it would have been published out as a complete term on the initially line, then with just one letter missing on the next, then a different letter taken out on the pursuing line, and so forth. The concept guiding reductive spells is that by building the phrase shorter so would a suffering or disease little by little diminish.

Recorded in English in the late 1600s, abracadabra is utilized in incantations, particularly as a magical usually means of warding off misfortune, damage, or disease, and for some, is utilised as a nonsense word, implying gibberish in place of supposedly magical words.


Generally utilized as the finale word in the presentation of a grand phase illusion, alakazam is intoned as a impressive command.

Even though the origins of the term are unfamiliar, according to Magic Text: A Dictionary, alakazam may well have ties to a comparable-sounding Arabic phrase, Al Qasam, which indicates “oath.” Therefore, a conjuror invoking alakazam may well be calling back again to a guarantee created by a superior remaining to help entire the miraculous feat they are presenting.

1 of the earliest printings of alakazam in an English textual content is the poem “Among the White Tents,” very first posted in the Chicago Herald Tribune in 1888. Though the poem works by using alakazam in the context of leisure and as an enthusiastic expression (“We’re goin’ to de cirkis! / Alakazam!”) there is oddly no link to magic.


Immortalized in a ’90s cult traditional loved ones movie, hocus pocus could be equally invoked as an incantation and may also be utilized to refer to an act of trickery. For instance, a single who is dismissive of fortunetelling could connect with the act of reading tarot playing cards “a bunch of hocus pocus.”

Initial recorded in the 1660s, hocus pocus is possible a corruption of the Latin phrase employed in Catholic mass, Hoc est corpus meum (“here is my body”).

Discover additional about hocus-pocus and other bewitching phrases in this article.


It’s possible you have noticed a magician conclude an remarkable feat with this minor phrase. She’ll flourish a sheet more than a desk and voilà, wherever there was no one particular a second back, her whole assistant will surface!

Initial recorded in English among 1825–35, voilà is employed as an expression of achievement or pleasure, normally to give the impression that the accomplishment happened immediately or quickly. Put together from the French words voi (“see”) and (“there”), voilà is utilised to immediate interest through efficiency magic.

open up sesame

1st recorded in English in the late 1700s, open sesame arrives from Antoine Galland’s translation of A person Thousand and One particular Nights. These are the magic terms Ali Baba speaks to open the doorway of the den of the 40 robbers.

Most likely one particular of the biggest magical instructions to endure from folklore, open up sesame these days may possibly be utilized as a noun to refer to a pretty effective indicates of acquiring a end result. For occasion, you may possibly say an MBA is the open up sesame to landing a competitive job in finance.

sim sala bim

These magic words and phrases have been produced preferred by the renowned specialist magician Harry August Jansen (1883–1955), also identified as The Great Jansen or Dante, who utilised sim sala bim as the title of his touring magic demonstrate. Jansen was born in Denmark and immigrated to Minnesota with his spouse and children at age 6. Jansen utilized sim sala bim at the conclude in his display, saying the phrases intended, “A thousand thanks.” (They are actually nonsense syllables from a Danish nursery rhyme.) He would notify the group that the larger sized the applause, the larger the bow, and the much more many thanks that the sim sala bim symbolized.


Whilst mojo can utilize to the magic impact of a allure or amulet (generally favourable), the term can also refer to the influence or allure an specific can have on the folks about them. A preferred Muddy Waters song, “Got My Mojo Workin’,” alludes to the diploma to which the singer is equipped to allure the ladies he encounters. Mojo is less of a spell and far more precisely an aura of electric power. An Americanism first recorded among 1925–30, it is considered to draw from the West African Gullah phrase moco, which indicates, “witchcraft.” It is probably related to Fulani moco’o, or “medicine guy.”


Comparable to abracadabra in reputation and structure, calamaris is the term that Scandinavians would invoke to heal a fever. Also like abracadabra, this phrase was a reductive spell, which means the full term would be created down on one line, then every single successive line would have one particular letter eliminated.


In ye olden periods, getting a good hunt to present for one’s loved ones was vital. The incantation of miertr was spoken aloud as 1 walked backward and then remaining the household. After reaching the forest to hunt, the spellcaster was encouraged to take three clumps of dust from beneath the still left foot and toss them overhead with out hunting. This will enable an specific to progress without earning any noise and seize birds and animals. Unquestionably a approach, but hopefully it led to some productive hunting.

micrato, raepy sathonich

One particular of the most iconic scenes in the Bible’s Outdated Testomony is Exodus 7:8-13, which tells of Moses and his brother Aaron as they go prior to Pharaoh and are challenged to conduct a wonder as a indicator of their god. When Aaron throws down his staff, it transforms into a snake that consumes the snakes conjured by Pharaoh’s have advisors and sorcerers. According to the Semiphoras and Schemhamphorash, an occult text posted in German by Andreas Luppius in 1686, micrato, raepy sathonich were being the opening text Moses spoke right before changing his employees into a serpent.


A variant of the phrase daemon, daimon [ dahy-mohn ] seems in some Greek charms and holds the which means of a “god, deity, soul of a useless human being, or genie.” In this context, it does not automatically correspond with the Christian interpretation of a demon—it is extra akin to a spirit. This phrase may possibly be employed in a spell to summon a daimon attendant, who would then support the conjurer in executing a particular activity. While new practitioners should be forewarned, summoning daimons are for more skilled magic practitioners and really should often be managed with treatment. Daimon will come from Middle English and can ultimately be traced to the Greek daimónion, this means “thing of divine mother nature.”

Divine the meanings guiding familiar potion ingredients with the help of this clarification.


People who can recall their times in Catholic faculty know INRI are the initials generally depicted on the crucifix and characterize Jesus’ title (Iēsūs Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum). But extended back, INRI was also created on amulets and paper to present cures to afflictions. For occasion, to quit a fever, a human being might try to eat a piece of paper with the initials created on it, or, to quit blood loss, INRI would be composed in blood on a piece of paper that was then pressed to the brow. It is even been stamped on steady doorways to ward off the evil eye.


We have got two much more exciting conditions for good measure. As opposed to the others on this record, a grimoire is not a magical spell. Described as a “textbook of sorcery and magic,” a grimoire [ greem-wahr ] is a should-have for any would-be spellcaster. First recorded in the 1800s, this term possible arose from the French grammaire (“grammar”). Essentially, this origin term refers to a textbook and/or a established of rules to be used to the text. For a reserve that has the possible to summon other beings (for superior or worse) and carry out supernatural feats, any college student of that guide had finest be willing to comply with people procedures to the letter!


The special term caracteres refers to symbols published on bits of parchment or amulets. They were made use of as a way of encoding potent spells to preserve them from currently being repeated by someone who may not be aware of their efficiency or look for to abuse their electrical power. Due to the fact of this basic barrier to entry, caracteres also demanded the prospective conjurors commit time to researching and studying how to the right way interpret the encrypted incantations.


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