Suffixes in English Grammar

Suffixes are letters that are added at the end of a word to make it meaningful. Like prefix, they do not have a meaning of their own until they are added to some word.


  • Writer.
  • Writing.
  • Childhood.


Common Suffixes:

Noun Suffix

Suffix Meaning Example
-er one who performs the action Singer, writer, etc.
-ism Belief Hinduism, Sufiism, etc.
-logy Theory Ideology, Biology, etc.
-ship Position held Partnership, Internship, etc.
-ness State of being Happiness, rudeness, etc.


Verb Suffix

Suffix Meaning Example
-fy make Modify, Clarify, etc.
-ish Do Punish, Selfish, etc.
-ate Do Terminate, Captivate, etc.


Adjective Suffix

Suffix Meaning Example
-ful Notable Grateful, Beautiful, etc.
-ible Adjective Reversible, Terrible, etc.
-ly Adjective Quickly, slowly, etc.
-ive Having the nature Creative, decisive, etc.
-less Without Endless, tireless, etc.


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