Listen&Learn: Alan Turing


Jaksyn Peacock

Learn about the mathematician whose tips led to the modern day computer system.

Pre-listening vocabulary

  • foundation: an concept that other suggestions are created on
  • hypothetical: prospective, not now serious
  • instruction: an explanation of what to do and how to do it
  • decode: to uncover the hidden meaning of a coded concept
  • shun: to reject another person
  • pardon: to forgive a person for a crime

Listening activity

Gapfill training

Comprehension thoughts

See answers beneath

  1. Turing was a a. mathematician b. physicist c. armed forces chief
  2. The objective of the Turing exam is a. to establish how quick a machine can get the job done b. to decide how perfectly a equipment can stick to instructions c. to decide if a device can assume like a human
  3. Through Planet War II, Turing assisted the Allies by a. inventing new technological know-how for weapons b. building a machine that could split Nazi codes c. analyzing Nazi armed forces plans

Discussion/essay questions

  1. Alan Turing’s accomplishments ended up disregarded for a lot of decades. Do you know any other significant historical figures who had been dismissed in their time?
  2. Do you feel it is possible for a machine to feel like a human?


Alan Turing was a British mathematician. He was born in 1912 in London, England. His tips are regarded to be the early foundations for modern pcs. In 1936, he explained a hypothetical unit that could study and comply with prepared instructions. He also produced the Turing test, which was intended to establish if a device could feel like a human. For the duration of Entire world War II, Turing developed a machine that served the Allied forces decode Nazi messages. His operate assisted Britain and the Allies gain the war. Having said that, the authorities later on arrested and shunned him for getting homosexual, which was unlawful at the time. Turing died in 1954, two many years just after his conviction. The Queen formally pardoned him in 2013.

Solutions to comprehension questions

1a 2c 3b

Written and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock for W3educational institutions


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