“Proceed” vs. “Precede”: What’s The Difference?

[ad_1] Move forward and precede are nearly similar in the two spelling and pronunciation—hence the widespread confusion all-around the two phrases. But their meanings are really diverse. One of these phrases appears forward and goes ahead, even though the other reflects on the past and references what has occur before. But which a person is which? And what about preceed? In this posting, we’ll commence to explain the dissimilarities amongst proceed and precede—and how you can don’t forget the variance from now on.

Speedy summaryPrecede implies “to appear prior to,” as in He preceded me in this position or Several ways need to precede this one. Proceed implies “to move forward” or “to continue an action,” as in Make sure you continue with System A. The plural noun proceeds to refer to money or revenue built from revenue. The spelling preceed is simply a misspelling.

carry on vs. precede

The verb proceed indicates “to go forward,” “to keep on an action,” or “to go on to do anything.” For illustration:

Make sure you progress carefully—there are a lot of crevices in the cave. The enjoy proceeded following a shorter intermission.

The plural noun type proceeds is most usually utilised to necessarily mean “money or financial gain gained from a transaction.” For instance:

All of the proceeds from the artwork auction had been donated to charity.

The verb precede means “to go before” or “to preface.” For illustration:

He preceded her as president. She preceded her instructions with an significant announcement. The chapters that precede this a single are really unique.

In each terms, the ending will come from the term cede, which comes from the Latin verb cēdere, which means “to go.” But to remember the change amongst the two phrases, you can glimpse at their prefixes. The prefix professional- in move forward usually means “forward,” whilst the prefix pre- in precede indicates “before.” The identical root is utilized in the term recede, whose elements around imply “go back.” The term precedent, indicating a final decision that acts as a information for future choices, is related to precede and can assistance you try to remember that precede ends in -cede and not -ceed.

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Is preceed a phrase?

Preceed is a misspelling of precede—it’s not normally utilised in any other way. This slip-up is probable motivated by the spelling of commence, which has a pronunciation really equivalent to precede but ends in -ceed relatively than -cede.

Illustrations of proceed and precede in a sentence

The subsequent example sentences exhibit the distinct strategies we use commence and precede.

They were in a position to figure out that the just one civilization preceded the other by hundreds of years. The judge wouldn&#8217t enable the demo to proceed until eventually every person returned to their seats. Robert funded his sister’s new restaurant applying the proceeds from his extremely productive toy enterprise. Her father preceded her as CEO, and when she took around she proceeded to enact many alterations. [ad_2]

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