Among the organisms of the species, the word competition can be described in the context of struggle, between the two or more organisms, belonging to the same or the different species. Mainly, this competition is for the available resources, on which they have to depend on their survival. A limited supply of one or more essential resources, such as water, territory, and food. Competition is an important consideration in the ecology, especially for one of its branches, community ecology.

Competition can arise due to the abiotic, and the biotic factors that affect the structure of the community. According to the principle of competitive exclusion, the species which have less ability for the competition may die early. Here the adaption to the environment can play a significant role. The competition, between the species, and within the species, is important in terms of natural selection.

Intraspecific Competition

This type of completion occurs between the individuals of the same species. This competition is more acute, as the requirements of the individuals are the same, and the size of the population can be significantly reduced.

Interspecific Competition

This competition occurs between the individuals, belonging to the different species. Generally, interspecific competition is observed when the organisms belonging to the different species, have the same feeding habitats. The organisms in the category of the intraspecific completion belong to the same trophic level.

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Mechanism of Competition

There are various mechanisms by which the competition takes place among the different organisms. Generally, these mechanisms can be divided into direct mechanisms and indirect mechanisms. The competition mechanisms are equally applied to the interspecific, and intraspecific competition. Mainly two types of competition such as the interference competition, and the exploitative competition are recognized by the biologists.

  • Interference Competition

This type of competition, directly occurs between the individuals, via the aggression process. It occurs when the individuals, interfere with the survival, reproduction, and the foraging of the others. It may occur when the individuals, directly limit or prevent the physical establishment of the habitat of other organisms.

  • Exploitative Competition

This type of competition occurs, indirectly, where the limiting resources, acts as intermediate. For example, the use of resources, by the one species, or by the organisms causes the depletion of the available resources. This type of competition may occur for space as well.

  • Apparent Competition

Apparent competition is occurring indirectly, between the two species, on which same predator attacks. For example, if two species A and B are attacked by predator C, then the apparent competition is observed.



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