Origin of life


The origin of life is a scientific complication which has no solution yet. There is a large number of ideas but few have turn into reality. We will never say anything with conviction because life on earth begins four billion years ago. For life to have gotten ahead there must have been genetic molecules like DNA and RNA capable of making the proteins, bondservant molecule of life. But the modern cells can not hold RNA and DNA without the support of molecules. Origin of life is the least understood biological problem. It is central to many philosophical and scientific problems. However, in the scientific community it is believed that life was originated from the simplest organisms, and eventually, the changed lead to the development of human beings.

Properties of life

Polymerization is considered the basic activity of life. In this process, molecules use energy and nutrients to grow the smaller molecules into larger molecules. The chemical reaction of energy and nutrients is called the metabolism and individual reaction is catalyzed. The living creature can reproduce them at some point in life. The living population can respond to change their environment through natural selection.

How life begins

The organic compounds organized into complex systems by assembling the processes. These self-assembled systems considered as a countless natural demonstration that materialized all over the earth. The microscopic system has molecules that allow them to take nutrients and energy from the environment, to produce the large molecules. The growing system has molecules that directly used for further growth. One or more growing system uses the sequence of monomers in one molecule such as nucleic acid to the sequence of other type molecules like protein. In this way the origin of genetic happened and origin of life. The complicated set of events appeared on the earth spontaneously and life was running only a few years ago when the earth was cooled for liquid water to survive.

Could life begin elsewhere?

Scientist have now superior understanding where life can exist on the earth. Bacterial life can only survive over a remarkable temperature 32F to 239F. Bacterial life only survives without oxygen in the dark and also found in the radioactive water of nuclear reactors. Microbial life requires liquid water. Like Earth, elsewhere liquid water exist life can be started. According to the scientist in the solar system, there are only two places where the liquid water found and life can be started these are Mars and Europa. There is a distinct probability that on Mars and Europa similar life to bacteria could be present.



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