Contraception is known as the birth control method that is designed to prevent or reduce the chances of pregnancy. It refers to any medication, activity, or use of equipment for preventing pregnancy. Many different types of contraception methods are available. The decision that which method is best should be made by consulting the health care services. Birth control methods can work in various ways t prevent pregnancy and some of them are listed below.

Creation of barrier for blocking the sperms and in this way, they cannot reach the egg.

  • By killing the sperms.
  • Prevention of release of eggs from the ovaries.
  • Changes in the cervical mucus to hinder the movement of sperms to the uterus.
  • By causing the alternation in the tissue lining, of the uterus, so that the fertilized egg cannot be implanted.

The choice of using the birth control methods greatly depends on the frequency of sexual activity, health, desire to have children, and number of sexual partners.

Natural Methods of Contraception

In this type of birth control, there is no use of any device or medication.

  • Abstinence: It is also known the celibacy and it involves the avoiding of sexual contact.
  • Withdrawal: It is also called, coitus interruptus, and it involves the method of ejaculation outside the female body. In general, it aims to prevent the entry of sperms to the ovaries. This method is about 8


Male Condom: It forms a barrier for the prevention of pregnancy, and stop the entry of sperms to the vagina. It is made up of latex or polyurethane. They are available from the drug stores, supermarkets and from many outlets.

  • Female Condom: It is made up of polyurethane and at each end, a flexible ring is present. One ring stays outside the vagina, and the other ring is fixed by the pubic bone.
  • Spermicides: Before intercourse, some of the spermicides may also be placed in the vagina. Spermicides kill the sperms by the chemical means.
  • Sponge: The sponge is used for contraception and is inserted into the vagina. It is provided with the depression to hold it in the place. An applicator is used to keep the foam outside the vagina. This foam serves as a spermicide and destroys the sperms.
  • Cervical Cap: It is thimble-shaped, and is made up of the latex rubber. It is fitted over the cervix and stops the entry of the sperms to the uterus.



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