Elementary structure and functions of eye and ear

The most important organs of a human body are eye and ear and this doesn’t need any explanation of why they are the most used organs. A person can never experience the beautiful nature or surrounding without eyes and no one can explain music to anyone. So to understand their functions and structure it is important that we understand their importance also.

Structure of eye.

Structure of the eye are comprehended in three covers or coats within with it consists of further three transparent coats. The uppermost structure consists of cornea or sclera. In the middle, we have a vascular tunic or we can call it uvea and it concise of the choroid, ciliary body and in this iris is also there. Further, the innermost area is known as retina and it receives its circulation from the vessels of the choroid as well as from retinal vessels. Within these covers lies the aqueous humor, the virtuous body,and flexible lens. The function of the eye is very easy to understand as when the light reflected off asurface and enter into the eye through cornea vision begins which refracts the rays through the pupil. Then light passes through the lens which changes it’s shape in bending of the rays and finally focusing onto the retina.

Structure of ear.

Structure of the ear can be in three parts as out part, inner part and the middle part. The visible portion of the ear is the outer part consisting of article or pinna and it channels the sound waves into the ear canal where it gets amplified and from where the waves travel towards a membrane which vibrates. After that sound enters into the inner part of the ear but before this in the middle part of the ear,the vibrations set the cochlea which is filled with the fluid and moves when vibrated same as cochlea as it is a fluid also which moves when vibrated. After all of this, the nerves are set into motions which further become electrical impulse and travel to the brain where it is interpreted.

These are the functions and structure of both eye and ear. They are the most important sense organs in the human body as discusses earlier and if are affected by any inner and outer cause can make a person unhappy or disturbed as these are really important for a human being as well as an animal or any other organisms.

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