Down syndrome


Down syndrome as a disorder in genetic in human being occurs when an error in cell division results in an extra chromosome 21. Down syndrome affects physical growth and a person’s cognitive ability, cause mild to moderate developmental issues, which usually result in a health problem. With the help of a series of screenings and tests, Down syndrome is usually detected before or after birth.

This down syndrome is as a result of an extra copy of a specific chromosome, eg. chromosome 21. Though, it had been made clear that Down syndrome is not an illness. The term describes the features resulting from this change. And this extra chromosome does affect a person’s physical features, intellect, and overall development. This Down syndrome can be detected in person as a result of distinct physical features, unique health issues, and variability in cognitive development.

People with this Down syndrome usually have cognitive development profiles that suggest mild to moderate intellectual disability. At the same time, cognitive development and intellectual ability are highly variable. And in the case of children, any child with Down syndrome often reaches developmental milestones a little later than their peers. For instance, there may be a delay in learning how to speak. A child may need speech therapy to help to assist in gain expressive language. In the same line, there may also be problems with attention, a tendency to make poor judgments, and impulsive behavior.

It must is noted that people with this down syndrome impediment may face the problem of respiratory, hearing difficulties, Alzheimer’s disease, childhood leukemia, epilepsy, thyroid conditions. But Despite the listed problems attached to Down syndrome, there could be a lower risk of hardening of the arteries, diabetic retinopathy, and any form of cancer.

One important thing to note is that people with a higher chance of having a child with Down syndrome can start receiving screening and diagnostic tests, So as to estimate the probability of Down syndrome being present, because some diagnostic tests can tell whether a baby will have the condition.

It must be noted that Down syndrome has no specific treatment. People with this condition can receive care for any health problems, as other people do. However, additional health screening for issues common to the condition can be recommended by health care expertise. Early intervention can be the best way to tackle the down syndrome. It is good to discover it earlier.



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