Seed Dispersal

Plants create seeds that may grow into new plants, however if the seeds simply fall to the bottom beneath the parent plant, they may not get enough sun, water or nutrients from the soil. Because plants cannot walk around and take their seeds to different places, they need developed different strategies to disperse (move) their seeds. The most common strategies are wind, water, animals, explosion and hearth.

Wind dispersal

Have you ever blown on a blowball head and watched the seeds float away? This is wind dispersal. Seeds from plants like dandelions, swan plants and cottonwood trees are light-weight and have feathery bristles and may be carried long distances by the wind. There is a little number of plants, kauri and maple trees, which have ‘winged’ seeds. They don’t float away but flutter to the ground. With wind diffusion, the seeds are merely blown concerning and land altogether types of places. To help their probabilities that a minimum of a number of the seeds land in an exceedingly place appropriate for growth, these plants have to be compelled to manufacture countless seeds.

Water dispersal

Many plants have seeds that use water as a way of diffusion. The seeds float away from the parent plant. Mangrove trees live in estuaries. If a flowering tree seed falls throughout low water, it will begin to root within the soil. If the seeds fall within the water, they are carried away by the tide to grow somewhere else. Kōwhai trees also use water dispersal. They have a tough reproductive structure that enables them to float down streams and rivers. That is one amongst the explanations kōwhai trees are unremarkably found on stream banks.

Animal dispersal

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Some of the seeds obtain hooks or barbs which can be caught into an animal’s fur, feathers or skin. Plants like pittosporum have sticky seeds that may be frenzied by birds. Humans may unfold seeds if they grind to a halt to our consumer goods or shoes – and if we tend to throw fruit pips and stones out of the automotive window.


This methodology of seed diffusion isn’t quite as exciting as it might sound. Some plants, like peas, gorse and flax, have seedpods that dry out once the seeds are ripe. When dry, the podssplit open and also the seeds scatter. If you’re lucky, on a hot summer day after you walk by a whin bush, you’ll hear the whin seedpods pop open.


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