Bandwidth of signals

In a continuous band of frequency if any difference occurs between upper and lower frequencies then this is known as bandwidth and measure in hertz, It may also be referred as passband bandwidth because it is the difference between the upper and the lower cutoff frequencies of baseband bandwidth which applies to a low pass filter or baseband signal by which bandwidth is equal to its upper cutoffs frequency. As bandwidth is measured in hertz as a central concept it consists of many fields like electronics, signal processing, spectroscopy, radio communications, and signal communication. Every signal of the bandwidth is composed of a large number of the wavelength of different frequency and it is unique in terms of composition. The audible bandwidth of a human ear ranges from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and sounds below 20 Hz are known as infrasonic sounds and sound above 20,000 Hz are known as ultrasonic sound.

What are the applications for bandwidth?

Ultrasound is used in the world of medicine to determine the health and condition of internal organs and used during the sonography of a pregnant woman to know the growth of the fetus. Radar is known as Radio Detection And Radiation uses the sound of 1 MHz to 3 MHz and is mainly used in application related to space, metal studies and defense. It is a key concept in telecommunication application or in other words bandwidth for a system could be the range of frequency over which system produces the specified system of performance and it is referred to the frequencies beyond which performance is degraded. Applications are really useful to know the properties as well as the functioning of bandwidth or any other topic which has a physical existence in the world of physics.

What are photonics?

In the photonics, the word bandwidth stands for different meanings like the bandwidth of the output of some light source such as the source of lasers like ASE and the bandwidth of an ultra-short optical pulse can be large. Another point is that the bandwidth will gain an optical amplifier. An optical fiber in which the width of the frequency range can be transmitted by some elements, Bandwidth also stands for the maximum modulation of the frequency of the optical modulator. A related concept from bandwidth is the spectral linewidth which is of the radiation emitted by excited atoms and much can be concluded with these concepts of bandwidth.


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