Literally resonance means the phenomena of amplification that could be occurred when the frequency of an applied force in a harmonic proportion to the natural frequency on which it acts and the oscillation acts at the higher level or amplitude then the same force is applied at the other. Resonant frequency or resonance frequencies are those frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum of a system. This resonance frequency occurs when all types of vibrations or waves as there are many types including, mechanical resonance, electromagnetic resonance, acoustic resonance, electron spin resonance, and nuclear magnetic resonance or including resonance of quantum. Basically resonance is a Latin term which originates from the field of acoustic which particularly observed in musical instruments. If examples were taken electric resonance occurs as the main example in the circuit with capacitors and resistors and in this oscillation is self-sustaining and it does not include any external periodic driving action.

Types of resonance

There are numerous types of resonance as mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electric resonance, optical resonance, orbital resonance, etc. First is mechanical resonance and it is defined as the tendency of a mechanical system to absorb more and more energy when the oscillation matches the system natural frequency. The main concern in every building and tower is avoiding resonance disaster and the structure is designed to resonate at a frequency that does not occur typically. Whereas acoustic resonance is a branch of mechanical resonance that is concerned with mechanical resonance or vibrations across the frequency range of human hearing or can be understood as sound. Acoustic resonance is a very important consideration for instrument builders such as strings and body of the violin which also includes the length of tube in the flute and shape of the drum membrane. Both mechanical resonance and acoustic resonance can result in catastrophic failure of the object at resonance.

What is orbital resonance?

Orbital resonance occurs in celestial mechanics when two orbiting bodies exert a regular or gravitational influence on each other and this happens due to their orbital periods which are being related by the ratio of two integers and in some cases, this results in an unstable interaction and in this the bodies exchange momentum and shift orbits until the resonance no longer exists and under some circumstances, a resonant system can be stable and self-correcting so as the bodies can stay resonant.


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