Power in AC circuit

Power of AC circuit is a two-phase electric current which is mainly used in big industries which includes heavy machinery. The power of the three-phase AC circuit is three times powerful than the single-phase circuit. It is stated that electric power which is consumed by resistance in an AC circuit is different from the power consumed by reactance as it does not dissipate the energy of that level as compared to AC circuit. Basically the electrical power is the rate at which the energy is being consumed in circuit as all electrical and electronic components and another condition is that devices have limit to the amount of electrical power as they can handle it safely and it can be of time-varying because the amount of power in the circuit at any point of time and this is known as instantaneous power.

What is the electrical power in an AC circuit?

DC circuit consists of voltages and current generally at a constant rate that means they are not varying from time to time because there is no sinusoidal waveform associated with the supply on the other hand AC circuit is the instantaneous value of both the current and voltage and this leads to the continuous change of power. Another thing about the AC circuit is that it contains reactance so it has a power component and an electric field is created by this component. It is also stated that the average power absorbed by any circuit is the sum of power stored and this power is returned over one complete cycle so the average power consumption of the circuit is the average of instantaneous power with one full cycle of the instantaneous cycle. It is also mentioned that sine function is periodic and continuous it allows the average power given over time will exactly the same.

What is power triangle?

Power triangle is a right-angled triangle whose each side represents active, reactive and apparent power to be more specific homogeneous of the travel shows the active, perpendicular shows the reactive as well as the apparent power simultaneously. This also represents the relationship between three qualities as all of them are related and the power factor is defined as the angle between the voltage and the current phasor. This the value of power factor is one for pure resistance and zero for the pure inductor and by taking the ratio of active and apparent power it can be obtained easily.


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