Force on A Moving Charge in Uniform Magnetic and Electric Fields

The magnetic force can cause the movement of the charged particles, in the spiral or the circular paths. In outer space, the cosmic rays are the energetic charged particles, and only some of them can approach the earth. Due to the magnetic field of the earth, they can be forced into the spiral paths. By the action of the magnetic force, the protons are kept into the circular paths.

A drawing representing trails of bubbles in a bubble chamber.

As shown in the above diagram, the bubble chamber photograph has the charged particles that are present in the magnetic field, and it is the basis of this phenomenon that can be analyzed by using the spectrophotometer. The high energy charged particles produce the trials of the bubbles, by moving through the superheated liquid nitrogen, in the bubble chamber. There exists a strong magnetic field that is perpendicular to the page and it causes the movement of the particles in the curved path. The radius of the path can be used for the determination of the mass, energy, and charge of the particle. As the magnetic force is always perpendicular to the velocity, so it does not cause any sort of work on the charged particle. Due to this reason, the speed and kinetic energy of the particle remains constant.

The electric field that is present between the two oppositely charged plates that are parallel to each other is approximately the uniform field. The electric field has both directions such as negative and positive. This the direction that causes the acceleration of the charged particle. The velocity of the particle will be increased if it is moving in the direction of the electric field vector. But if the movement of the charged particle is in the opposite direction then it will experience the deceleration.

Depending on Situation Movement May Get Complicated

The movement of the charged particles in some circumstances can lead to complicated situations when there is the interaction between the many charges. The movement of the electromagnetic wave through the plasma, or block of material, can cause the interaction of billions of charges with each other. In the case of the motion of a charged particle in the uniform electric at the low velocities does not cause any interesting motion, and it is simply uniform like the acceleration in the direction of the field. However, if somehow, the particle can manage to get enough energy for becoming relativistic then the motion of charged particles gets much more complicated.


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