Propagation of electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic radiations are also known as electromagnetic waves which are basically described as a superimposed oscillation of an electric and magnetic field in space which is perpendicular to each other. In other words, electromagnetic waves are produced due to crossing-over an electric and magnetic field. The direction of these types of waves is perpendicular to the direction of the force. These electromagnetic waves consist of some properties as these waves travel at the speed of light which is very light and travel at a very fast speed as these waves do not require any another medium for propagation. It also has a transverse form on which waves travel. Also, these waves are not deflected by an electric and magnetic field as they are polarized and also undergo interference and diffraction. The wavelength range of x rays in the electromagnetic is; 0.001 nanometers to 10 nanometers.

What is the earth’s atmosphere role in electromagnetic waves?

Wave’s place a very important role in the atmosphere of earth as earth is surrounded by an abundance of layers name troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and ionosphere. Waves travel from one layer to the other layer with the help of a vacuum medium. Only visible light is very easily transmitted in air and it is not energetic enough to excite oxygen, nitrogen or ozone but also it is energetic to excite molecular vibrational frequencies which mainly came from water vapor. Mostly the absorption bands in infrared are due to models of vibration. These energies are too low to handle water vapor and the atmosphere becomes very transparent which also allow free transmission in most of the microwave and radio wave. And finally at radio wavelengths which are longer than 10 meters in the air which persist in the lower atmosphere which also remains transparent to the radio.

What are the biological effects?

In electromagnetic waves, there is a very a crucial role in bioelectromagnetics. It is the study of interaction and effect of EM radiation on living organisms and these effects on electromagnetic radiation usually on living cells which are included in humans, depend upon the radiation power and frequency. Despite some major results some researchers also conducted these experiments to show weaker non-thermal electromagnetic field which includes the fundamental mechanism of interaction between biological material and electromagnetic field which is situated at non-thermal levels and is not fully understood. This is a very important concept of electromagnetic waves which also includes the atmosphere and the biology of human life.


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