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WordPress – Customize Plugins

In this article, you will know how to customize plugins in WordPress without knowing any coding of HTML or CSS. Customization of the website is a significant addiction for multi-user sites. The discussed method allows you to customize your login page by using the WordPress theme customizer. You will need no coding skills.

Followings are the easy steps to customize your WordPress site. You will find an image for each step. Follow pictures to get a more precise concept.

  1. Go to the dashboard of WordPress, click on Plugins and then click on Add New
  2. Now, install and activate the Custom Login page Customizer Plugin for WordPress. Custom Login Page Customizer plugin permits you to simply customize your login page conventional from your WordPress Customizer! You can preview your custom login changes before you save them!
  3. Click on Appearance and then click on LoginPress section.
  4. Click on Start Customizing button to begin customizing your site.
  5. It will launch the built-in WordPress theme customizer. You will be able to customize the theme and make it look the way as you want.

Now we change the login background You will get login page as given in the following screenshot.

Background − It enables you to add a background image, or you can choose a background color of your choice.

In WordPress, most of the selection in the customizer panel is transparent. You can check all the selections in the customizer to adjust the setting as per the requirement of your login page. At last click on Save and Publish button.

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