Delete Users in WordPress

WordPress – Delete Users In this article, we will know how to delete users from a WordPress site. Followings are the simple steps to delete user from a WordPress site. Steps are illustrated with images.

  1. On the first step, click on the Users from the left panel of your WordPress dashboard. Then, click on the All users.
  2. List of Users gets displayed as shown in the following screen.
  3. Select any user from the list which you want to delete and then click on Delete.
  4. When you click on Delete, you will get the page like next screenshot.
  5. Now, select appropriate options as required and click on Confirm Deletion. After that, your user will be deleted.
  1. Here, you will know about another method of deleting your users. A screen, as shown in the next screenshot.
  2. Here, you can pick users to delete, check the boxes and click on Delete from the dropdown list and click Apply.
  1. When you click on Apply, the selected users will be deleted. error
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