Publish Pages in WordPress

WordPress – Publish Pages

The command, “Publish” is used to make the pages accessible to all users wherein each user can see that selective page. Publishing a new page in WordPress is a simple process.

Followings are the proper steps to publish a page in WordPress. It is recommended to follow images at once to avoid any mistakes.

  1. Click on Pages in the left panel of WordPress and then click on Add New. It will create a new page for you. Look at the following screenshot once to confirm.
  2. You will get a text editor as displayed in the following image. You can also use the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to attach the actual content of your page.
  3. After writing your content on the editor, click on the Publish button as given in the following image.
  4. After clicking on publish, your article gets published for the readers to read it.
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