Media Library in WordPress

WordPress – Media Library

Media Library is a collection consists of the images, audios, videos, and files that you can upload and add to the content when writing an Article or Page. Here you can preview, add, edit or delete any media associated objects if not required.

Followings are the easy steps to get consideration about the Media Library of WordPress.

  1. Fist click on Media and then click on Library in WordPress.
  2. You can preview media like images, audio, video, etc. Now click on Add Media.
  3. The media uploading page gets displayed. Now you need to pick media from your system.
  4. You can see a bar as displayed in the following screenshot.WordPress Media Library


The multiple tabs that appear have the following purposes

List View − It displays the images and videos in list form.

Grid View −It displays all pictures in the grid format as displayed in the following screenshot.

Filter the images and videos −It helps to filter the pictures and videos.

Search Box − It helps to search a specific picture by inserting the name into the box.

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