User Roles in WordPress

WordPress – User Roles

In this Article, you will know about the roles of users in WordPress. Every user has a responsibility in WordPress. These are like permission given to a particular user to access the WordPress website. The admin of the WordPress site manages all the roles.

Here are the pre-defined roles in WordPress –

  • Administrator − The Admin has all the rights over the WordPress site. An Admin can do anything and everything on the WordPress site such as adding more admins, inviting more users and also removing them.
  • Editor − The Editor has access to all the pages, posts, comments, tags, categories, and links. They can create, edit, publish, or delete any posts or pages.
  • Author – The Author can only write posts, upload pictures, edit and publish own posts.
  • Contributor – The Contributor can only write and edit their articles until it gets published. They can create their articles and pages but cannot post them. They have no permission to upload images or files but can see the site’s status. When they require publishing any post, it must be first notified personally to the administrator for review.
  • Follower − The Follower can only view and comment on the posts. Followers are the ones who have signed in to your account to receive notification for new posts.
  • Viewer − Viewers can only read your articles; they cannot edit but can only comment on the posts.
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