Writing Settings in WordPress

Writing Settings Screen

Use the Settings Writing Screen to manage the interface you use when writing new posts. These settings manage WordPress’s options within the adding and editing posts, Pages, and Post types, also as the optional functions like Remote publishing, Post via e-mail, and Update Services.

Default Post category

The class you choose from this drop-down is named the default post category. The default post category is category assigned to a post if you fail to assign the other categories with writing your posts. If you delete a category, the posts in this category are appointed the default post category. If you have got many categories, however use one among those categories more often, choose that category here to make your life a bit easier.

Default Post Format

The Post Format you choose from this drop-down is named the default Post Format. Post Formats are employed by themes to form different styling for various forms of posts. This setting is barely visible if the present activated theme supports Post Formats. The WordPress default theme is an example of a topic that supports numerous Post Formats as well as standard (no special format), Aside, and Gallery.

Post via e-mail # Post via e-mail

With this feature, you’ll establish your journal to publish e-mails as blog posts. To do this, you would send an e-mail to a selected address you’ve established for the purpose. Quite seemingly, you’ll want the help of your internet host and/or your e-mail supplier.

These messages are displayed at the start of this section: “To post to WordPress by e-mail you want to establish a secret e-mail account with POP3 access. Any mail received at this address are posted, therefore it’s a good plan to stay this address very secret. Here are three random strings you’ll use: VdDd9Q4Z, lvxXzGxq, KAUHHtXy.”


Complete the subsequent fields to post by e-mail:

Mail Server

The mail server receives e-mails on your behalf and stores them for retrieval. The mail server can have a URI address, like mail.abc.com, that you must enter here.


Servers typically use port 110 to receive requests associated with emails. If your mail server uses a special port, enter that port variety here.

Login Name

If, for example, the e-mail address that you are using for the writing by e-mail feature is [email protected], then ‘WordPress’ is the Login name.


Enter the word for the above e-mail address here. Three potential passwords are displayed by WordPress within the introduction section of this Screen.

Default Mail category

WordPress can assign this category to all or any of the posts printed via the Post by e-mail feature. Note: you’ll produce new categories in Administration > Posts > categories.

Update Services

When you publish a brand new post, WordPress automatically notifies the update services of the sites listed within the box.

Save Changes

Click the Save Changes button to make sure any changes you have got created to your Settings are saved to your database. Once you click the button, a confirmation text box will appear at the highest of the page telling you your settings are saved.

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