Green chemistry as an alternative tool for reducing pollution

Green chemistry, also called the sustainable chemistry or environmentally friendly chemistry. Possibly, the most extensively acknowledged definition regarding green chemistry is presented by chemist John Warner and Paul Anastas, as per whom the green chemistry is “chemical products and process modeling” which lessens or eradicate the generation and use of hazardous substances.

Green Chemistry indulges itself in the use of environmental friendly and mild reagents like sound waves, microwaves, sunlight, and enzymes. These reagents are not dangerous in nature. In recent times, several photochemical reactions have been accomplished with the use of microwave arrangement. Rather than microwaves, sound waves are also used in carrying out specifically recognized chemical reactions. It’s quite evident that when the continuous efforts will be in action to enhance the green chemistry, the pollution-free space will be the assured gift, given to you.

Also, Green Chemistry can be thought as the production process which reduces pollution present in the atmosphere. During any of the process, the generation of byproducts takes place and if you don’t utilize them in a proper manner, then they will create environmental pollution. These processes are too expensive, only if there’s no utilization of byproducts.

Waste disposal and generation sounds an uneconomical process. The knowledge used in reducing hazardous chemical with the help of developmental activities is what Green Chemistry is all about.

When you talk of chemical reaction, if the whole chemical reactants get converted into beneficial products, then surely no chemical waste will be produced. Therefore, our very own environment will be so free of any kind of pollution.

And this can solely be attainable when conditions are optimized for reaction. There consist of various applications in our routine life. The below-mentioned points should be in your mind and they’ll showcase its uses:

1. Clothes’ dry cleaning process

In past days, tetrachloroethylene was used as a solvent for the purpose of dry cleaning. This compound is having the potential to cause cancer which is referred to as the carcinogenic and it even pollutes groundwater. Currently, carbon dioxide in liquid form is used with appropriate detergents for this very purpose. It produced liquified carbon dioxide in the form of bioproducts and therefore, causes pollution in less quantity.

2. Bleaching of paper – In the starting, chlorine gas had its use for bleaching purpose, but presently, this process has taken the place of hydrogen peroxide. An appropriate catalyst with hydrogen peroxide promotes that its bleaching action is in the use.

Green Chemicals even promotes a healthier environment for humans, and being a responsible citizen, all of us should follow it. Pollution-free world will definitely improve the living conditions and will increase your life age on Earth.



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