Major atmospheric pollutants

Basically, pollutant is defined as the impurity which is found in the environment in substance form or in the form of chemical compound. Pollutant concentration in the surrounding environment is directly proportional to the pollution level.

Environmental cycle and the ecosystem are in the changing phase as there are results of sudden changes which occures in climate cycle because of the pollutants present in the surroundings.

Types of pollutants

Soil pollutants:

A few of the pollutants of soil includes chromium, cadmium, zinc, copper, or mercury, herbicides, pesticides or, organic chemicals, tars and oils, explosive or poisonous gases, radioactive or combustible materials, asbestos, and compunds which are biologically active. They reduce the yield of the crop by polluting the soil of farms. The reasons behind pollution of soil are:

  • Waste of industries
  • Poor or weak agricultural practices
  • Landfill leakage
  • Garbage dumping done in wide open space
  • Sewage plantage lackness


Air Pollutants:

A few of the pollutants of air includes carbon monoxide, ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NO), and lead (Pb). These air pollutants are most hazardous that can impact in the form of harmful effects on humans. The balance of atmospheric is disturbing because of the presence of air pollutants. The reasons for air pollutants are mentioned-below:

  • Poor transportation modes
  • Poor industrial practices
  • Poor-quality automobile fuel
  • Vehicles’ high density
  • Poor-quality of combustion fuel
  • Industrial waste which carries toxic chemicals that are thrown in open
  • Very bad management of resources


Water pollutants:

Some water pollutants includes bacterial pollution, phosphorus, nitrates, and mercury. Water pollutants level is increasing at an alamring rate with each passing day. The causes for water pollutants involve:

  • Dumping waste material, illegally
  • Poor practices of filteration
  • Sewage plants leakage
  • Water accumulation
  • Rain water harvesting is not in use: the water gets collected at one place amnd becomes major reason for water pollution
  • Water tankers used in the houses are not cleaned
  • Waste is thrown in rivers which give rise to bacteria


Noise Pollutants:

Any sort of unwanted or not so pleasant sound that causes an imbalance in the environment or in the human surrounding, it is knwon as noise pollutant. The reasons for noise pollutants are mentioned below:

  • Industrial, boat, train, or aircraft sound
  • Increased level of automobile traffic
  • Lod music


Effects of pollutants

  1. Plant and animal growth is effected
  2. Crops are damaged
  3. Human life cycle is decreasing
  4. Diseases are spreading which are life-threatening
  5. Natural resoruces are depleting
  6. Frequent occurence of natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake, etc.
  7. Melting of glaciers
  8. Earth crust is decaying


Precautions to take

  1. Use of CNG should be more
  2. Recycling of waste materials from the industries
  3. Use good fertilizers
  4. More and more trees should be planted
  5. Rainwater harvesting should be done
  6. Construction of sound-resistant buildings


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