Importance of Chemistry


Humans cannot survive without chemistry. Chemistry is all about the study of matter (anything that has mass and occupies space) and its particles interaction. It is often considered as a boring subject but topics like fireworks and explosion come under it which makes it interesting.

To study chemistry you need to have some knowledge of math and use logic to understand how things work. If you lack behind in this then studying chemistry will be a little difficult for you. Still, you can understand the basics of chemistry. The importance of chemistry is to understand the phenomenon of your day to day life.

From the food, you eat to the medicines you take, from the soaps you use to the environment everything is explained by chemistry because all these are related to chemicals.

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Chemistry explains:


It explains about the chemical change that takes place in the food while cooking, what chemical changes take place inside you when you eat food, how you can preserve food.


It is chemistry by which you understand what kind of soaps can be used on your body, which detergent is best for your clothes, which cleanser should be used for dishes. When you use this cleanser you apply chemistry in your daily life.


You should learn basic chemistry to find out which medicine, supplement, drug, the vitamin can be helpful to you and which not. At a higher level, chemistry is about developing new medicines and testing them.

Saving Environment

You can solve environmental issues only if you know chemistry. Which chemical is harmful? Which chemical can be used to clean water? Which chemical can be used to get rid of the stinky smell? How a chemical is made nutrient? How to avoid a chemical from becoming pollutant? To find alternative ways to produce the things you need without harming the environment.

Unknowingly you all are a chemist because everything you use is made up of chemicals. Even inside your body, so many chemical reactions happen when you are eating, breathing, sleeping or just sitting idle reading something.

So chemistry can be applied everywhere in the things you do. It is about studying whatever is going around you.

Importance of talking course in Chemistry:

Anyone can understand basic chemistry and everyone should. But it is important to study Chemistry further and take a course in Chemistry. One can even make a career in it.

If you are a science student it is important to understand Chemistry because science involves the matter and how things happen by the interaction of the particles of matter. All the phenomena are explained using matter and interaction of matter.

If you want to be a chemist, doctors, geologists, pharmacists, nurses, physicists, nutritionists, geologists, pharmacists you should study and understand Chemistry. This is the importance of Chemistry in any field.

You should go for courses in Chemistry and make it your career. It offers high-paying jobs. It is a good career choice and it will always be a secured career path.


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