Uses of Aldehydes and Ketones

Uses of Aldehydes

One of the simplest aldehydes is the formaldehyde. There is a number of aldehydes which have many applications in our daily life due to their chemical properties. Some common uses of the aldehydes are described in this article.

One of the most famous aldehydes is formaldehyde that is a gas. It makes formalin with the 4


Uses of Ketones

Acetone is the most common ketone and is an ideal solvent for the many synthetic fibers and the plastics. Acetone is used in the household as paint thinner and as nail polish remover. In medicine, it is widely used for acne treatment and chemical peeling. Methyl ethyl ketone that is chemically known as the butanone is commonly used solvent and is being used for the production of plastics, varnishes, textiles, paraffin, wax, and paint remover, etc. Due to its dissolving properties, it is also used for the welding of the plastics. Another important ketone is the cyclohexanone that is primarily used for the production of nylon.

On a massive scale, ketones are produced as the industrial solvents, pharmaceuticals, and polymer precursors. Cyclohexanone and methylethylketone are commonly used in biochemistry. Mainly the products of ketones are used in the paints and perfumes, for stabilizing the ingredients and to avoid the degradation in time.


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