Uses of Silicon Tetrachloride, Silicones, Silicates, and Zeolite


Uses of Silicon Tetrachloride

It is used as an intermediate in the manufacturing of polysilicon that is the pure form of the silicon. Its boiling point is convenient for the purification purpose and fractional distillation can be repeated. It is used as wafers in greater amounts in the photovoltaic industry to make the conventional solar cells, and it is also used in the semiconductor industry. Silicon tetrachloride of high purity is used in the manufacturing of the optical fibers. It is used as a modifier for the chemicals in the laboratory as fillers for plastics, textiles and in the paints. It is also used for casting, manufacturing, production, and surface treatment of the metals.

Uses of Silicones

Silicones are being used in the kitchen utensils, non-stick products and in the spatulas. It is also used for the construction of buildings, as it can bond the material such as granite, glass, concrete, plastic, steel, and enables this bonding for the longer periods. The sealants of silicones can absorb the pressure and is a favorable approach for more architectural designs. It protects the joints and materials from the corrosion, heat, moisture, sunlight, pollution, ultraviolet radiation and other chemicals. They are a huge part of the electronic industry as well. It is a semiconductor and due to its character, it is an ideal material for making the transistors that work for the amplification of the electrical signals. It is also used for coating the electrical products such as keyboards, keypads, and copier rollers, and also used for hard coatings for the computers, telephones, entertainment equipment, and facsimile machines.

Uses of Silicates

Silicates are used for providing thermal insulation, and high-frequency vibrations. It is used for making microchips. It is also used to make ceramics and glass. Silicates are hard and can be easily cut to the micro pieces. Due to unique characteristics, it is widely used for the low technology products from microchips to the watches. On space shuttles, silicate ceramic tiles are used to give shielding effect from the extreme temperatures of the outer atmosphere. Crystal quartz is also silicates and they are used to make the oscillators for the watches, pressure gauges, and radios. Quartz crystals are also being used in the mysticism.

Uses of Zeolite

Zeolites are important catalysts and have various uses in the industry. They are also used for the ion exchange and gas separation. As catalysts, they are extremely useful for important reactions in the organic molecules, most importantly in the cracking, isomerization and in the synthesis of hydrocarbons. They can promote catalytic reactions including metal induced and acid-base reactions. These reactions can take place in the pores of zeolite and it allows the great degree of product control.

Its porous structure can be used for sieving the molecules that have certain dimensions. Additionally, it allows them to enter its pores. Hydrated cations in the zeolite pores are loosely bound to its framework and can be readily exchanged with other cations in the aqueous media. So, it is used in the soaps, detergents and the water softening devices.


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