Soaps trace back their history back in 2200 BC back in Babylon. The ancient innovators had made their revolutionary invention by water, alkali and cassia oil. This ancient formula was written on the Babylon clay tablet from 2200 BC. In the Egyptian transcription back in 1500 BC, it has been noted that the Egyptians daily bathed with something made up of animal and vegetable oil mixed along with alkaline salts. This substance also resembled the soap. Hence, the soap has a rich history and has evolved over the years.

Till the time of the industrial revolution, the making of soap was done on a small scale. But later in 1780, James Keir went into the idea of setting up a soap manufacturing plant back at Tipton. Later, many enthusiasts came into the market of soap making and the soap industry started to embed from a small scale to a larger scale.

Soaps can be classified on a different basis. They are as follows:

The soaps based on the basis of making material:

Glycerin soap

Glycerin is a by-product from the normal soap making process. But, the glycerin could be used back again for making soft soaps for the skin. Generally, the manufacturers sell out the glycerin for the making of cosmetics and face products.

Transparent soap

The transparent soaps are made by the hot soap making process. Then transparency to the soap is given by adding alcohol. Majorly, manufacturers use the ready made base for the transparent soap from the market.

Liquid soap

The liquid soap is a complicated process. It is made by the hit process. The soap becomes liquid due to the addition of different lye of potassium oxide also the amount of water used is comparatively more than that of normal soap.

The soaps on the basis of usage:

Medicated soaps

Medicated soaps contain antiseptic in it. They also have disinfectants for the killing of the bacteria.

Beauty soaps

The beauty soaps consist of fragrance ingredients and other clothing agents suitable for different types of skins. They also consist of special oil or glycerin.

Laundry soaps

The laundry soaps are used for the cleansing of clothes, grease, and organic stains. The laundry soaps are generally workable for hard and soft water both.

Novelty soaps

The novelty soaps are like the celebrity among the soaps. They appear in different shoes and types. Due to such diversity in size shape and material, they are the most selling soaps.


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